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What to wear to Wimbledon BARELY THERE, nude, minimal, subtleMatthew Williamson Bridal,, Vashi Dominguez, Barely There trend

Soft touches: Matthew Williamson Bridal Collection
Diamond Wedding Ring £259,, Vashi

Dainty yet dazzling: Diamond Wedding Ring, £259

The team head to the Centre Court to do Wimbledon in style. We’re focusing on nude tones and minimalism, selecting our most delicate looking jewellery to shine in the audience – the trend is called BARELY THERE.

Slim bands and slender hoop earrings, with a light dusting of beautiful diamond sparkle, lend that gentle glimmer to an outfit or natural beauty look. When the sun shines, you’re perfectly shimmery, and if it rains… well, at least you still look fabulous!

Wimbledon Essentials Wimbledon Essentials

With Wimbledon in full force, after a good look at the VIP attendees, we felt this trend works wonderfully (Andy Murray would approve!). No matter if you’ve bagged yourself a ticket or you’re watching from home, you can still add diamond jewellery for that celebratory spirit. Cream on cream, classic pearls and a sleek diamond ‘Bow ring’ exude style and sophistication for the most fashionable sporting event of the year.

So tell us – do you dare to dazzle at the Tennis? As always, join us for a chat on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest.

PS. Inspired? You can shop the gorgeous Tennis diamond bracelets here!

1.00 Carat Tennis Diamond Bracelet £2159,

 Classic: 1 carat Tennis diamond bracelet, £2159

New Arrivals

A Summer Refresh!

World of Vashi,, Vashi Dominguez

Homepage,, Vashi Dominguez

It isn’t just the seasons brightening up for the team at HQ! In fact, our website has a whole new (and much sleeker, if we do say so ourselves) look for Spring/Summer 14!

We’ve launched the new design to make your shopping experience that bit more fabulous. Enjoy a new, interactive homepage that truly draws you in – whether you want to shop ’til you drop, read about our history and craftsmanship or browse the latest celebrity and fashion news on our blog right here, you can navigate freely through a world of diamonds.

Video content lets you discover more about the brand and Founder, Vashi Dominguez. There’s also new navigation menus and a brand new, updated World of Vashi area for you to really sink your teeth into.

Category pages,, Vashi Dominguez

Our main category pages, including our acclaimed ‘Create Your Own’ section, have been improved with striking photography and new content for you to enjoy.

We’ve fallen head over heels for the new site and can’t stop checking ourselves out. So it’s the moment of truth – what are your thoughts? Like or LOVE?

Comment below, or join us on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest. We’ll see you there!

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VASHI.COM METALLIC CLASH, fine jewellery, diamonds

This one is for the magpies and ‘more is more’ dressers.

Here to show you that fine jewellery doesn’t have to be subtle, bring you METALLIC CLASH, our most recent fashion moodboard. The metallic luxe trend has brought gold, silver and all the metals in between back into the limelight. Not just for mainstream jewels, you can go as far as styling metal-inspired pieces worn head-to-toe! Tired of your go-to white gold bracelet or feel you’ve over worn your yellow gold pendant necklace? Forget about it – it’s time to mix your metals.

Traditionalists say that if your engagement ring is crafted in platinum, your wedding band must be too. Whilst that’s an important tip to remember when choosing bridal sets, you can be far more experimental with occasional jewellery pieces.

yellow gold rings, white gold rings, mixed metals Tangles and Chains blog 

metallic, fashion trend, mixed metals

E Online

Breathe life into an old favourite piece, such as classic diamond stud earrings mounted in yellow gold, with an unexpected metal clash. Try a diamond Tennis bracelet in white gold to shimmer elegantly on the wrist or choose a sleek, beautiful ring in precious platinum for a contrasting shine. If you’re fashion forward enough to be rocking a metal-infused piece of clothing (be it a bright gold midi dress reminiscent of Prada AW13 or a shiny silver sequinned boxy tee by Balmain), choose your jewels accordingly. To truly embrace this trend, layer a white gold or platinum diamond pendant necklace over a soft gold thread top or seriously push the fashion boundaries in a flowing silver shift dress and multiple yellow gold bands sprinkled across your fingers.

Fashion Week, fashion trends, metallic luxe

Julesausborn blog

Next time you’re stuck in a fashion or jewellery rut or simply can’t face wearing that outfit yet again, look to the catwalk and beyond for unanticipated pairings that dazzle to mesmerising effect. By mixing different metal colours, you have a new look entirely and it’s perfectly on trend. Instead of leaving other jewellery to collect dust because it doesn’t match your engagement ring, treat the piece to an outing and enjoy the attention the novelty draws. You’ll be piling on more white gold, yellow gold and platinum designs before you know it.

Start the metallic clash debate by commenting below, or joining us on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest. Keep sparkling!

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The BLUE Edit

VASHI.COM BLUE EDITNicole Miller, blue eyeshadow,, Vashi Dominguez, blue trendCoco Rocha, blue balloons,, blue trendBlue fashion trends, Vashi.comNicole Miller AW09 | Coco Rocha editorial | Stella McCartney AW12 and Givenchy AW13 

Feeling blue? Then turn it into the right kind of emotion with this week’s fashion story from Jeweller to the stars, Vashi Dominguez himself, delves into the deep blue sapphire collection and picks out his faves. With inspiration from the likes of Stella McCartney’s AW12 offering and AW13 at Givenchy, this high-fashion colour doesn’t have to mean sadness. In fact, the shade is associated with harmony, faithfulness and confidence – fitting for bridal jewellery then!

stella aw12,, blue trend

stella mccartney electric blue lashes,, blue fashion storyStella McCartney AW12

If blue mascara or statement cobalt eye-shadow (seen back in 2009 at Nicole Miller) is not for you then it makes far more sense to adorn your fingers with the tone instead. Or ears and chests for that matter… Surely the most famous blue engagement ring of all time has to be Kate Middleton’s, formerly Diana’s. It’s not just Kate that rocks the country’s or possibly the world’s most popular colour though; stars Victoria Beckham, Penelope Cruz and Liz Hurley to name but a few have also chosen the ravishing shade for their own engagement rings.

Kate Middleton's famous blue ring

Huffington Post – Kate Middleton’s famous Ceylon blue sapphire ring 

So what makes blue sapphires so special? And how are they valuable? The hue, saturation and tone (commonly understood as the colour) is what makes the stone so beautiful. The saturation is the vividness or brightness of the hue, the tone is the lightness or darkness of the hue. Still with us? Well, blue sapphires are valued based upon the purity of their primary hue – purple, violet and green can be found as secondary colours in blue sapphires. Surely everyone wants a jewellery piece that evokes the sea and the sky!

Time for Vashi’s top 5…

The Blue Edit: Diamond and Blue Sapphire Ring in 9k White Gold £199

Diamond and Blue Sapphire Ring in 9k White Gold, £199

“This ring just had to be my number 1 pick as it’s priced at just £199! If that’s not affordable luxury, then I don’t know what is. I love the elegant design which sees a small precious diamond to the side of a statement dazzling blue sapphire. It’s thoroughly chic!” Diamond and Blue Sapphire Stud Earrings in 18k White Gold £599

Diamond and Blue Sapphire Stud Earrings in 18k White Gold, £599

“In at number 2 are these gorgeous diamond and blue sapphire stud earrings. The star-floral hybrid gives a youthful touch and makes this pair truly versatile. Not overly luxe for everyday, yet pull your hair into a sophisticated up-do and voilà, it’s glamour all round.” Diamond and Blue Sapphire Ring in 18k White Gold £799

 Diamond and Blue Sapphire Ring in 18k White Gold, £799

“Third up is this simply breath-taking double diamond and blue sapphire ring, creating an exuberant polka dot effect. The half eternity ring is suitable for any special occasion whether it’s to say congratulations for a lifetime achievement or simply remind someone how much you love them. Anyway reasons aren’t required – it’s hard enough to resist treating yourself to it!” Diamond and Blue Sapphire Stud Earrings in 18k White Gold £999

Diamond and Blue Sapphire Stud Earrings in 18k White Gold, £999

“I have chosen these diamond and blue sapphire stud earrings for number 4 as the simple oval shape and mix of glittering gems is brilliant to look at. Sure to replace any earrings already in your jewellery box, these are classic and traditional yet with a hint of old-school Hollywood Glam!” Diamond and Blue Sapphire Pendant in 18k White Gold £699

Diamond and Blue Sapphire Pendant in 18k White Gold, £699

“Last but certainly not least, number 5 is the diamond and blue sapphire pendant, finely crafted in 18k white gold. When it’s time to get dressed up, this necklace is bound to add that extra glimmer of wonder. Alternatively, the piece looks super sleek when worn under a collared white shirt in the office – time to impress the colleagues!”

We’re waiting for you over on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. See you there and, remember, stay sparkly!


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SILVER SHINE, silver shine, silver glitter, silver sparkle, silver backgroundVASHI.COM SILVER SHINE

0.33 Carat Diamond Drop Earrings in 9k White Gold £639,, Vashi Dominguez

0.33 Carat Diamond Drop Earrings in 9k White Gold, £639

Heavy 6mm D Shape Palladium Wedding Ring £339,, Vashi Dominguez

Heavy 6mm D Shape Palladium Wedding Ring, £339

Medium 3mm D Shape Platinum Wedding Ring £519,, Vashi Dominguez

Medium 3mm D Shape Platinum Wedding Ring, £519

Get your high-tech silver fix with this week’s fashion story – SILVER SHINE. Although we have a penchant for the more precious platinum and white gold, silver tones are an ongoing fashion and beauty trend to die for.

Like Balmain’s AW13 offering, the metallic shade is at once luxurious and modern. High-end luxe meets a super-cool aesthetic. Whether a cold, grey palette incorporating blue or warmer, slighty rusty tones such as ‘silver pink’, the colour may be more versatile than you think. A bright metallic nail polish in silver with a futuristic sheen is a wonderfully new way to show off your diamonds with that covetable manicure. If you’ve chosen stunning diamond drop or hoop earrings in silvery shades, then why not experiment with an eye-catching silver beauty look to complement them? Keep it subtle with grey and the slightest of silver metallic shimmer over the lids if you need a day appropriate look or amp up the glam for night with bold, high-shine dewy styles.

Is silver your thing or do you prefer to go gold? Tell us on Facebook and Twitter or join us on Pinterest. Shine on!

Psst… Don’t forget to come back next week for the next gorgeous fashion spread!

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Think Pink – from the catwalk to Cannes

Pink Power,, Burberry, fashion, jewellery, Vashi Dominguez

Jessica Hart, Cannes, pink,

Jessica Hart at Cannes 2013 – Indiana Express

Freida Pinto, Cannes, pink,

Freida Pinto at Cannes 2013 – Daily Mail

Kirsten Dunst, pink, Cannes,

Kirsten Dunst at Cannes 2012 – Fashion Mate

Last week we weren’t feeling blue but grey (see here!) so it was time to up the ante with the PINK POWER fashion story. Think pink with your fine jewellery – brightly exuberant pink sapphires or passion-inducing deep rubies. Taking inspiration from Burberry’s SS14 collection, which was itself inspired by a ‘distressed English rose’, we turned to all things pink: pastel peaches, vibrant corals, fuchsia silks, sheer baby pink, neon pink pops, rose pink cottons, shocking pink, dusky pinks, salmon pink lace and all out garish Barbie pink.

With the jam-packed action of Cannes Film Festival kicking off from tomorrow, the timing was perfect to see which gorgeous stars had worked pink on the clashing red carpet at various Cannes events. Model Jessica Hart and actresses Kirsten Dunst and Freida Pinto all looked stunning in pink gowns. Whilst Kirsten wowed in vivid pink slim-fit silk, Jessica chose fabulous nearly-neon flowing pleats, and Freida dazzled in a coral-infused pink dress with gold accents.

Find inspiration in all shades of pink from nature to nightclubs, on the catwalk, the streets, in the garden… It’s not just about splendid gemstone jewellery, it’s about pink hair and eye-shadow too!

Vashi Dominguez,, pink, flowers

Pink summer – Favim

Ginta Lapina, pink hair,, Vashi Dominguez

Pink hair as seen on Ginta Lapina – Pinterest 

pink lips, pink eyeshadow, beauty,

Pink beauty – lifestylebydanijel

pink, nails,

Rainbow pink metallic nails – Pinterest 

Paired with romantic, summery pink sapphire jewellery or seductive, extravagant ruby pieces, your hot pink look is going to shine. Whether head to toe in the light pink trench coat that took over last season or adding pretty hints of the colour with a cerise pink tote bag or bold hot magenta heels, the girliest hue is at once brave yet versatile. What’s more, it suits all skin tones: dark skin can pull off vibrant pinks, bronzed and olive tones can work stand-out shades too, whilst lightly tanned/golden skinned girls should opt for rich pinks, finally beige or fair skins can experiment with bright fruity pinks.

As for sapphires and rubies, they can’t go wrong on any skin tone so be bold and pile on multiple glorious gemstone rings or choose a delicate necklace as the feature to your ladylike look. Draw attention to your pink gem earrings with subtle blush and nude pink lips.

Pink power jewellery,, Vashi Dominguez, pink sapphire, ruby

Do you LOVE pink? How do you wear it? And could you ever choose between pink sapphires or rubies? Tell us your pink story, demure or daring, on Facebook and Twitter!

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GO GOLD GO, Vashi, Graduated Diamond Ring in 18k Yellow Gold

Graduated Diamond Ring in 18k Yellow Gold, £569

People – Amal Alamuddin’s engagement ring from George Clooney 

GO GOLD is the latest fashion story from

We are dreaming of warm weather, golden sands and sunny beaches. Shimmering fabrics seen across the catwalk this season and glowing skin beauty trends have got us thinking golden.’s yellow gold rings are the ultimate wedding bands, timeless and stunning, yet they also make a stylish statement as trendy stacking rings too. Why not treat yourself and experiment with bright gold nail polish or a subtle shimmering eye shadow?

In the news, People magazine revealed lawyer Amal Alamuddin and actor turned director George Clooney’s engagement. The ring is a stunner! Also embracing our love for all things golden at the moment, the images shows the ring is a canary yellow emerald cut diamond set in a precious platinum band. However, this is only a first glance and future images may reveal otherwise! Tapered with baguette diamonds on either side, our Founder Vashi Dominguez commented to Yahoo! Celebrity that the piece proves a “very classy way to showcase such a hugely impressive rock”. The jewel has set the star back a staggering $600,000! 

Perfectly red carpet ready, the dazzling show-stopper is reminiscent of other celebrity engagement ring designs such as Kim Kardashian’s and Beyoncé’s huge centre diamonds. Indeed, the stunning ring recalls the infamous Krupp diamond worn by Elizabeth Taylor – certainly not a jewel to keep from the limelight. Icon Grace Kelly was also known for her wonderfully enormous diamond engagement ring so George has certainly turned to the greats for inspiration. The loud dazzling statement is sure to make headlines for weeks to come and will certainly cement Amal as a star in the making and trendsetter in her own right. 

Are you head over heels for the A-list gemstone or are you too busy crying that George is off the market!? Join in the celeb gossip on our Facebook and Twitter pages.